See what some of our members have to say in their own words.
Becky reduced her workload by 75% and increased her income by 50%.
Christina increased her billing rate and gained confidence in charging more and taking on larger clients.
Ryan has added 5 CFO clients to his accounting practice since joining The CFO Project.
Claudia added a CFO service to her existing bookkeeping practice and now has the confidence to charge $5k per month.
Diana gained the confidence to say "I'm a CFO". She got her first CFO client within days of joining the program.
Bruce now generates 1 to 2 new clients every single month since joining the program. He's also 4x his 'effective hourly billing rate'.
Joel went from being overwhelmed with lots of low paying clients to working less and making more money from his new high paying clients.
Rocky got his first CFO client within 60 days at $12k annual revenue. He was able to since increase his annual revenue per client by 100% ($24k per year).

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